Aikatsu Stars! – 018

The admins are the cutest

The admins are the cutest


There, now I can just redirect people here in half a year when the BDs come out. This episode did a great job of combining like three related plotlines into one episode. It was also written by Kakihara Yuuko, finally, after like 15 episodes off. That was a long wait.

Episode 018: Torrent | Magnet

14 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 018

  1. Thanks, I especially liked this one!

    Has anyone else seen the official trailer for the Aikatsu Stars movie? Looks like it includes a short with the Starlight girls… and the Dream Academy girls… and nearly everyone else from the original series. More Ichigo and Akari fix for everyone! 🙂

    • Speaking of which, the Wikia page for this episode points out that when Subaru was looking at Yume’s poster… in the lower left corner of the bulletin board is a poster of what looks like Luminas, except the hair colors have been changed. >_< o_O

    • In case you don’t know for sure by now, the Aikatsu Stars film has an Aikatsu short(?) before it. I don’t know the exact length (my phone was off because cinema) but it felt episode-length (i.e. 20-30 mins). What you find out in the first minute: Ichigo is directing a film about a mysterious Aikatsu card that can grant wishes. The stars of the film are Luminas, though there’s cameos. Oh how there’s cameos.

      Aikatsu Stars’ film is longer and is what happens on the island. There are ships of every kind on this island (boom boom).

      Total running time of the two is around 90 minutes.

  2. When Yuri was talking about her first year elections “spend” should be “spent”.

    When Yume talks about doing grassroots Aikatsu “even since you …” should be “ever since you…”


    is M4 gonna show up in the movie? IF YES YES NICE NICE FUN GOOOOD I LOVE SUBARU. and the others i guess..

    • Looks like M4 will be in the movie, they appear in the preview at the end of this episode….

      Just checked the movie trailer again, and there’s a glimpse of M4 there too.

  4. It really makes me wonder, why they made movie so fast? Not that im complaning, im just curious, unless they plan to make more movies with this cast?

    • They announced a second aikatsu movie like a year ago so they probably planned to have it early on during aikatsu stars all along, maybe they saw a good popularity boost with the first one?

  5. Whoops, I watched the film(s) the other day after the Aikatsu Stars concert in Kawasaki. They were fairly straightforward to understand with a very basic grasp of Japanese and what the films were about. Am looking forward to the subs for it in however many months time to fully understand everything.

    Thanks Mezza

  6. That next ep preview…since when do idols carry rocket launchers?!

    I will be looking forward to that movie, whenever it gets released.

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