Aikatsu Stars! – 020

I just wanted to show off their casual clothes

I just wanted to show off their casual clothes

Tsubasa means wings (not bird), and Taiyou means sun. No it is not related to Icarus. This episode is almost like a tongue-in-cheek joke about Ichigo and cliffs. You’ll see what I mean if you keep in mind who voices Tsubasa. And the title “Taiyou ni Moero” could be a reference to any number of things including “Taiyou ni Hoero” or “Moero! Taiyou”, old Japanese films and shows. They aren’t important to the plot though.

Episode 020: Torrent | Magnet

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    • Oh, and a request for the Mezashite team about episode 21…

      In case you’re considering doing otherwise, please leave metric units metric. No point in babying “amerikajin” who are stuck on weights and measures based on the length of some king’s thumb or such. ^_^

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