Aikatsu Stars! – 021

Second best sensei this season

Second best sensei this season

They play Red Light Green Light this episode, but Anna makes it all clever and stuff. They also do some tongue twisters—so far as I can tell, they aren’t supposed to make sense (for the same reason as before, actually). Besides the PLOT, there were some interesting little things, like who wears what coord. Unfortunately it seems like someone on either animation direction or storyboarding was asleep at the wheel, because a lot of cuts aren’t fluidly put together this episode. It still looks good enough though. And we get plenty of the mint trio too. Also Laura’s CG hair is definitely not stiff enough.

Episode 021: Torrent | Magnet

11 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 021

    • It’s not like she does it on purpose, it’s just her natural innate potential coming out.

      Anyway, they’ve sure gone full into asshole adult characters. First the principal, then the actor guy last episode, and now this loudmouth jerk. Oh well, as long as they keep letting me pretend M4 doesn’t exist, I’ll deal with whatever else.

  1. Thank you for the episode!

    One minor thing, and I could be mistaken, but at around 2:38 I would think “oversees” would make more sense than “overlooks.”

  2. Oh man these ominous warnings about NOT using Trance mode. Physical damage aside, I’m both looking forward to and dreading the occasion when it fails her during a big performance, that would crush her.

    Thanks for the subs~

  3. Thanks for your hardwork as always mezashite-team .. :’)

    Really appreciate your sub, there are no fansub other than you guys to make a sub for this poor show :'(

    With the new series of love live airing in this season, i think this new Aikatsu’s still enjoyable to watch than LL Sunshine :b

      • Being compared with the old one, the new love live looks like copy and paste the old plot from it. I’ve watched 6 episodes and the plot was so boring. The art / design character did’nt had much change too.

        Not like the new love live, there were new improvement in Aikatsu Stars, like male idorus and new concept of dress making. The art have changed too.

        Too bad Aikatsu Stars didnt have much fans as Love Live Sunshine does. Well this is anime for children too probably.

        Sorry if my english is bad, i’m not a native speaker/writer 🙁

        • The main reason of why Aikatsu! and Aikatsu Stars! are less popular, imo, is because the seyuu don’t sing the songs and the shows have to rely on other people to do that, in Love Live and Im@s this is very important and tied everything tightly allowing you to have live shows and CDs.

          I agree that Love Live Sunshine seems to be a copycat of the previous instalment at first, but when it wants to it can totally deliver, the last episodes have been great.

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