Aikatsu Stars! – 055

I like the one on the right with the really cool sword-looking hair

I like the one on the right with the really cool sword-looking hair

I’m going to be blunt: Yume was hit with a dumbass stick right in the head this episode. She lost her memory of pretty much all of the last four episodes. It looks like Nyaa’s loss affected her pretty badly. But hopefully she’ll be better starting next week.

Episode 055: Torrent | Magnet

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  1. I’m happy to see Koharu again and oh my god Bon Bon Voyage is amazing.

    Also as for next week’s episode I’m rooting for Rei but mostly likely Mahiru will get a solo performance since Rei has no singer as of the moment.

    Thank you.

  2. I watched all of Stars over the past few days, and this is current as of catching up so I’ll write thoughts here i guess. I couldn’t stand the first couple episodes right after OG aikatsu ended but now I think Stars is about equal. Ep 47 was one of if not the best eps of either series.
    Characters and stuff: I hated Ako until episode 43 (choice between show w/ kids and show with tsubasa), i still don’t like her much and feel like she’s tacked on (and annoying), probably because Ichigo>Yume, Aoi>Laura, Ran>Mahiru…???>Ako.
    M4 existing/actual ships is cool… but is it just me or do we never see any boy students at all besides M4?
    I find it silly how Yuzu is in S4 still but the main quartet effectively replaces her w/ Laura in their day to day life. When the Laura/Yume rivalry was going strong, I really wanted Laura to win at least once, now i feel like she never will directly win, at least not for a long time. Also, that one scene in the movie was the hugest yuri bait I’ve ever seen.
    Since I noticed that in that movie I can’t help but interpret Laura’s “that really gets me going” sexually every time she says it, it’s hilarious sometimes.
    I really like Mahiru but I don’t know why, she reminds me of Rin somehow, who was my fave character in OG Aikatsu. Similarly I also really love Lily. Anyway,
    I’m worried about the start of Season 2, Introducing a new school and huge set of characters sounds just like DreAca which was also the 2nd season and well that didn’t turn out well to say it nicely. Though at least its a boat of actually talented people and not ‘hey look this school was just built/was next door all long and recruited people we rejected for not being talented enough but theyre equal to/better than our best somehow’.

    Am I the only one that fast-forwards/skips through the fitting room + performances 99% of the time?
    And lastly, humongous thanks for the work on the 230ish episodes so far.

    • > M4 existing/actual ships is cool… but is it just me or do we never see any boy students at all besides M4?
      Only when they’re flinging jack-o-lanterns at the girls.

      > Am I the only one that fast-forwards/skips through the fitting room + performances 99% of the time?
      Depends on whether I’ve seen the performance already… and who’s performing it. I’ll rewatch the really fun ones too.

    • Hey, thanks for your thoughts. I doubt you actually sat and went through each of my weekly blog posts (heck, not even I would do that), but maybe looking back at the one for the first episode would make you feel a bit better about your original feelings about Stars compared to Aikatsu.

      Your feelings about Ako aren’t that different from other people. To be honest, I liked her just for being a cat idol who doesn’t nyaa and meow all over the place, which is really terrible to translate. I also enjoy clearly flawed characters who have a clear path for growth over time, and she’s certainly come to be very lovable, especially starting around when she tried to cheer Yume up during Yuzukoshou. Also, I’m not a big fan of calling anyone “tacked on”, but that’s just me.

      As Kyudoka said, the other male students showed up during Halloween, but never anywhere else. They seem to follow a totally different style since M4 didn’t even break up when they went to high school, but I’m not too concerned. I’d like to see about the same amount of them this season though.

      About Yuzu, she’s always been an example of someone who leads by example, whose strength is in her unbridled excitement and power. Idols in her class respectfully call her “Yuzu-sama”, but she’s close enough to them to allow anyone regardless of class or year dance by her side, as during that episode in the 40s when Lily ended up as her partner. Even now she continues doing the same thing, leading through example as the student council president, but not giving direct instructions. As she said to the girls after sending them to Venus Ark, nobody can constrain the desire to grow, and she knows that better than anyone else.

      Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll see some development between Laura and Yume’s rivalry. It’s already being set up.

      While I can laugh at the parallels to Dream Academy, I think Venus Ark is unique and already better executed. For one, there are no ties! Instead of having a time skip where we don’t see the fall of Starlight due to Ichigo and Mizuki leaving, having international idols come makes just as much sense and is potentially more satisfying. Plus, there’s this back and forth between the schools, and an actual sort of race to see who can get the wings first. And now we even have the Aikatsu Ranking back with a vengeance. Putting a hard and fast number on idol power is always tricky, but by introducing it early we can see it change and develop.

      I never skip anything. Ever.

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