Aikatsu Stars S1 Batch and Updates

Nyaa is dead, so I decided to reupload everything even though they should still work due to DHT and stuff. I also took this opportunity to make an official batch with patches.

Season 1 Batch Episodes 001-050: Torrent | Magnet | Patch

Episode 051: Torrent | Magnet
Episode 052: Torrent | Magnet
Episode 053: Torrent | Magnet
Episode 054: Torrent | Magnet

(Batch updated 5/5)

10 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars S1 Batch and Updates

    • That was my mistake. I’ve reuploaded it, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I guess it just happens when you do something late at night after hours of work.

  1. Hello!
    Patch commands:
    del [Mezashite] Aikatsu Stars! – 001.mkv
    and so on not working!
    It must be used as:
    del “[Mezashite] Aikatsu Stars! – 001.mkv”

    • That’s deliberate, I didn’t want the old episodes to delete. It’s just that I used an xdelta GUI which is written poorly so I had to edit the .bat file manually to fix it, and I didn’t feel like changing that part. It should give you the new episodes regardless.

  2. The domains are slated for deletion, several people, including site moderators and other people close to the site, says that NYAA’s owner decided to close the site voluntarily. In other words, this likely means the end. I think it is due to new EU regulations that make a criminal just simple link share to pirate content. However, some capable people said they’re looking to build a full replacement(as HorribleSubs says on their website).

  3. Thanks a lot for this. Do you still have the torrent for the original Aikatsu episodes? I’m assuming I will have to go through this site to look for them.

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