Aikatsu Stars! – 054

It's wondrous what a single episode can do for a character

It’s wondrous what a single episode can do for a character

Let the cat and sheep rivalry begin! Kirara was not anything like I expected, and I’m really happy about it. There are some twists and turns this episode, so look forward to it!

Episode 054: Torrent | Magnet

P.S. I don’t like Twitter but I started an account on “ripoff” site kirakiratter. You can find me easily at @Akatsukin. And don’t be fooled or scared off: it was created by an English speaking dude. The Japanese people just found it and came in droves.

24 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 054

  1. I totally agree. I didn’t like Kirara very much, but this whole episode changed that. I look forward to future Sheep/Cat episodes.

    Also, next week totally can’t come fast enough. KOHARU!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the quick work!
    I had heard that we wouldn’t see as much of Ako-chan for a while this season, but that’s not how I imagined they were going to make that happen. So we may not see much of Yuzu, Lili, or Yuri either, let alone Hime (gone walkabout), Yozora (in France), or Tsubasa (who knows where she’s working). And none of the new first-years were never actually introduced to us, unless their names appeared in the closing credits. Things are going to be very different for a while.

    (Still waiting for Oozorakkon to show up. ^_^ )

  3. Man, I knew Kirara was my new wife from the second I saw her face in leaks, like, months ago. This episode cemented that fact. My new baby girl. My daughter. Light of my life. Cutest character in this show. A beacon of hope. Precious.

    I didn’t really have a favorite character in Stars until Kirara was revealed. Talk about right in my strike zone. I’m so gay.

  4. Okay, I’m not so worried anymore about having lost, I found an alternate source to get the raw eps to watch while I wait for the subs.

  5. Everyone chill out and use
    It’s like you weren’t even watching anime a decade ago before Nyaa existed.

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