Aikatsu Stars! – 064

Amazingly, my Tanabata wish this year came true

First, thank you so, so much to everyone I met at Anime Expo. All the fans, the cosplayers, the artists, and everyone else was so kind, and I just love meeting other people who feel the same way about Aikatsu. I’ll be back again, so don’t worry if you wanted to meet but missed me.

This episode comes exactly 50 after the last Tanabata one, and was about perfectly timed this year. Perhaps because of that, next week Aikatsu Stars will be on break. The following episode will be in two weeks. Until then, keep on enjoying your summer.

Episode 064: Torrent | Magnet

6 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 064

  1. Mahiru’s SPR is cool and I liked the song.

    I hope Rei can get herself a brand later this year.

    Sucks that theres no new episode next week but thanks!

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