Aikatsu Stars! – 065

It was a tough choice, but I had to pick the image with Koharu

Hey, it’s been a while. I guess that second trip across the country and presentation took more out of me than I expected. Still, here’s the most recent episode after a far too long break.

Also, there was a bit of an interesting announcement (confirmation?). Next month, two episodes of Aikatsu Stars will be replaced by a 5th Anniversary event crossover between Aikatsu and Stars! I think these will be in place of the regular episodes, so they’ll come out with the regular sub schedule. Check out the link if you want, or resist if you want to save all the fun until it airs.

Episode 065: Torrent | Magnet

Okay, I couldn’t resist adding in some extra screenshots.

A miserable little pile of secrets

16 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 065

  1. Thank you, Akatsukin. I really liked this episode when I watched it raw, so I’m eager to check it out and see how you all have subbed it.

    I wonder if the crossover/‘collab’ will be canon… Assume you’re subbing that, too?

  2. Thank you!~

    I can’t wait to see the cross over episodes. I hope Ichigo, Akari, and Yume do a song together.

  3. Nice work Mezashite! On another note, I find it surprising that Ichigo and friends looked like they never changed (aged) at all. Hopefully those episodes explain what the heck was that about.

      • That would make the upcoming episodes even harder to explain.

        I prefer to think both schools are within driving distance of Tokyo but from different directions… and only Four Star has upgraded to the Aikatsu System 2.0. 😛

        • Makes it easier to explain actually. Nothing in Stars gives any indication that neither startlight, nor any of the brands from Aikatsu! even exist. The only proper explanation for this is that Stars is its own continuity with no connection to the first series, and that these are just going to be fan service episodes, so that we fans can see all of the new and old characters interacting.

          • Agreed, there’s too many inconstancies between the two series. For one thing, if Ichigo and Mizuki existed in the “Stars” universe surely Elza would be targeting them first and foremost?

            (Though my pet theory has always been that the fitting rooms extend into hyperspace, so all you need is something wibbly-wobbly to go wrong and you’ve got a portal between the Universes…)

  4. Wowww, the collab is real! Woohoo!

    Anybody notice the 5th Aikatsu Anniversary logo has not only Ichigo’s ribbon on top (obvious) but Yume’s and Akari’s too?

    I wonder if Akari’s still Starlight Queen, it’s been over a year now.

  5. And only Luminas is wearing school uniforms, all the older Starlight girls (including Mizuki) are wearing khaki. If Akari & Co. were just finishing up their second year at the end of the series, those three should be first-year high school girls by now, and the others would have graduated high school? I notice Sakura, who’s a year younger than Ichigo, isn’t there.

    Can’t wait for this one! ^_^

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