Charlotte – 01

A café named Scorpius with coffee made by Key.

The cafés in this show are named after constellations, not astrological signs.

Joint with Good Job! Media. (We might be setting/tying a record for “joint with the highest number of exclamation points in the combined groups’ names”.)

This is an original translation. GJM will take care of all the visuals-y stuff (typesetting, encode, styling, song glitter, etc.) and Mezashite will provide the script.

Charlotte is a spiritual successor to Angel Beats!, with the music and writing done by Maeda Jun of Key fame (just like Angel Beats!). The hope is that it’ll be like Angel Beats!, but better. I feel really silly typing all these exclamation points.

Oh yeah, and even though everyone on the team preferred “snuck”, we used “sneaked” because we’re proper, damn it.

Episode 01: Torrent | Magnet

17 thoughts on “Charlotte – 01

    • We thought of many options, but there was no eloquent way to do it. It’s one of those “keep it in the back of your mind” situations. Take it as an opportunity to learn some Japanese words.

      • Also because it’d mean we’d have to choose between “Star Ocean Academy” and “Star Sea Academy”.

        I think it would’ve been fine as Star Ocean Academy but translating names is usually frowned upon so…

        • And Star Ocean Academy sounds like a new entry into the RPG series.

          And while I’m at it I should say thanks for the release, the show seems promising based on this initial impression.

    • Because it’s a proper name. Simple. You have a translation above it, why you even complain?! Go for commie or another shitty ‘Murican groups if you want full mindeless localisation.

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