Kin-iro Mosaic – 08


I wanna see Aya with her hair down…

We tried not to kill our typesetter. TL notes after the break.

General note: We thought it’d be awkward, so we didn’t use “anniversary” for every instance of “kinenbi”, but they are using the same word the whole time.

Episode 08: Torrent

TL notes:


A “Japanese sweets shop” does count as a kind of “cafe”. So it’s not like they’re deciding between a cafe and a not-cafe.


I wanted to use octopodes… (and I heavily dislike “octopi”, for the record)


“Oriental mugs” are actually teacups. Japanese teacups. But we couldn’t translate them as teacups, because we translated ティーカップ as teacup. And the point of the thing is that each item has a Japanese thing paired with a Western thing.


Too bad “master” doesn’t start with a letter whose sound, when repeated, sounds like rumbling. And it’s sacrilege to translate goshuujin-sama as anything other than “master”.



“Shi” (死) means “death”. And it’s also the first syllable of Shino’s name. (Actually, I keep forgetting that her name is actually Shinobu, since no one calls her that)

3 thoughts on “Kin-iro Mosaic – 08

    • another thing: 17:41 – We’ve been doing nothing but eat.
      Not so sure if this is okay, because I keep thinking “We’ve done nothing but eat.” and “We’ve been doing nothing but eating.” were combined to make this line.

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