Mezashite in the news!

Or at least on Polygon. A few months ago I did an interview with a freelance journalist named Soleil Ho (just the perfect name, don’t you think?), and it’s finally been published. Check out her take on the state of anime subs in the modern age.

9 thoughts on “Mezashite in the news!

  1. I just read, Akatsukin, and I have to say that you’re really a great person. I’d like to chat with at least in text, because I’m really greatful to you and Mezashite staff for Aikatsu. I was lost in 2012, struggling with my new work as a teacher and almost depressing. I can say that Aikatsu really saved my life, and I never miss an episode in all these years, all thanks to you. I clearly see the passion and love that you put in any line, any word, and I can say that you inspired me to be a translator too, and since then I made Pretty Rhythm franchise my life project of translation. Thanks and continue with your good work. From a brazilian Aikatsu fan, one of the most fans here.

  2. Aikatsu really is the one thing in the world that I can turn to just to cheer me up I had no idea who was doing the sub for the show when I first started watching it until I saw a comment about this site and when I found out that this was the site that made my favourite show come to life you have no idea just how much love and respect I have for you and your work. So just wanted to say a big thank you for bringing to me some joy in my life keep up the great work Aikatsu! forever!.

  3. Honestly this is one of the reasons I truly am thankful of your works.
    ‘This show saved my life; this show is the reason I can keep going every week.’

    The dedications to the spirit of Aikatsu have brought a whole new world to me which I never thought could be possible. If Aikatsu is my “spirit anime”, then you and your team truly are real-life superheroes!

  4. I’m truly thankful that you and your team have been bringing Aikatsu to us. To me it’s made such a massive impact, it’s changed my life, it’s saved me plenty and giving me back my courage and joy. I’m glad that Aikatsu existed and I’m glad Mezashite is here to bring it to the world.

  5. Definitely an interesting read. Only discovered your group recently, but I’m enjoying your work all the same. Love your work subbing Aikatsu! Got a lot of catching up to do, but I plan to support your work with this series for as long as you keep it up now.

  6. Aikatsu is without a doubt the show that has the biggest impact on my life and I never would’ve been able to experience it without your hard work and dedication! Thank you so much for everything!

  7. I remember those god-awful official subs for Revue Starlight, and I’m generally much less picky about how translators choose to do things than others. It’s time like those fansubbers like you really save us.

    You’re doing great work, Akatsukin. If I ever get a chance to meet you I’m gonna buy you a meal somewhere.

  8. I remember the time when fansubs were all the rage. As I had no knowledge of Japanese (and even now that I know a bit, translating an anime episode without the script is too much for me), I had to rely on fansubs. Of couse, with so many groups around, some subs just had to be worse than others. But it was ultimately a good thing that some people were willing to do it.

    Regarding the advantage of speed in simulcasts, I remember that even back in the days, many speed-subbers for popular shows got more attention than other groups. It seems fans just want their anime early, no matter the quality.

    Mezashite definitely provides far higher quality than what you could find in the average simulcast, and even in most fansubbed shows of old, so my hat’s off to you. I took it upon myself to translate material for the nearly non-existant Baroque community in the west, so I know that doing it for others is one of the most effective drives. And hey, the practicing is motivation too.

    As always, I look forward to this week’s episode.

  9. Thank you so much for your work, I truly appreciate it. It is people like you and the rest of Mezashite’s team that really bring a smile to my face whenever I think or talk about fansubbing. I’ve been fansubbing for 4 years myself and I feel relieved everytime I see someone who genuinely understands what this is all about: love. God bless you, Mezashite.

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