Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru – 05

Rooftop Confessions

I have to wonder if there’s a way to get on top of that taller part of the building…

Okay, so here’s an episode.

Torrent: Episode 05

And here are TL notes (with spoilers… sort of):

1) When Masuzu calls Chiwa a cat/chihuahua thief, that’s wordplay with 泥棒猫 (dorobou-neko), which literally means “thief cat”, but also means “someone who steals other people’s lovers from behind their backs”. Except Chiwa’s sort of a Chihuahua (and sort of a cat).

2) In middle-school Eita’s description of his four guardian angels, he says “Be. My. Angel-tachi.” In the light novel, this is written 美・舞・天使. 美 (which means “beauty”) can be pronounced “bi”, and 舞 (which means “dance”) can be pronounced “mai”. So it’s like… sort of a pun.

3) When Masuzu is in the nurse’s office after the pool thing, she apologizes for her off-putting behavior. In the novel, she apologizes for her behavior “yesterday”, while in the anime, she apologizes for her behavior “today”. Both work, but it’s weird.

4) Chuuni (or chuu2) is um, a thing. Read about it here.

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