Aikatsu! – 115

Aikatsu 115

I was going to use the other image I made as the release image but it was animated so it’s at the bottom of this post instead.

Sumire doesn’t get enough spotlight.

Akatsukin is coping with various malignant ailments, wandering through manyfold tribulations, and possibly partaking in a multitude of traitorous activities, so I ended up translating this episode. Man, it’s been a while. And of course I get the episode about fucking soil.

I don’t think there was anything that really merited a TL note, so I’m not going to mention any. Speaking of things I won’t mention, it’s totally not Shion’s birthday today.

Episode 115: Torrent | Magnet

Akari face compilation after the break.

Aikatsu 115

10 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 115

  1. Thanks! You’re always welcome to translate more often if you feel up to it 🙂
    Also the use of “daddy” makes me laugh because I’m 12 inside

  2. Thanks as always for the hard work!

    Will ep 116 be coming soon?

    And for all those who want Sumire-chan to get more screen time… wait for 117.

  3. Can you please upload the files that were previously hosted on Nyaa someplace else now that it’s gone? Pretty please? I need my daily idol dosage.

    • Why you commented here (and not the newest release post), I don’t know. You can still use the magnet link above, although by now there are probably no seeds. Grab the full batch from TokyoTosho or something.

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