Aikatsu! – 14

What you say?!

What you say?!

Woo, more Aikatsu! Unfortunately, no aphorism this week either due to the joint thingy with Tamagocchi.  We can only hope it comes back soon. And speaking of things that are missing, I think a few of you might notice a certain something else that is not so inconspicuously absent this week. Enjoy.

Episode 14: Torrent

8 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 14

  1. You guys messed up on translation in this episode.
    When Aoi says “Mochinon” that means “Of Course!” not “No I wouldn’t”

    needs fixed… :3

    • First, it’s “mochiron”, with an “r”. Second, the response Aoi said was “No way I wouldn’t!”, which is distinctly different from “No I wouldn’t”.

      Ichigo: “You’re taking [the audition], right?” (deru yo ne?)
      Aoi: “No way I wouldn’t!” (mochiron!)

      Your misinterpretation lies in your omission of a word, not in the translation. Not to be mean, but both your Japanese and English need work.

      • well im sorry, when i went to uni, I learned english, not your american engcrap. and I am still learning japanese Thank you. neither of which is my native language.
        so when i read “no way i wouldn’t” i take it in the proper form, aka, they are disadvising the previous statement.

        • Even in non-American English, “no way I wouldn’t” only negates the previous statement when there’s a comma between the “way” and the “I”. Otherwise it’s an abbreviated form of “there’s no way I wouldn’t” (which, you’ll find, does not negate the previous statement in any dialect of English).

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