Aikatsu! – 29

I like shiny things

I like shiny things

Ah, finally out. You have things from real life to blame for the delays. So, in celebration I’ve got a couple of simple notes for you. As we found out thanks to discussion sparked by Commie’s release of last week’s Aiura, there’s no good way to keep a phrase or joke about honorifics in translation without sounding awkward or just plain bad. Now, we may keep honorifics in, but there’s not a good way to say “without honorifics”, 呼び捨て (yobisute).  As such, we changed what Aoi says a little bit, and hope you understand the change. The second note is about a thing called a “lifelog”, basically just some sort of recording of one’s entire daily life. Check it out on wiki here or just accept the explanation in-episode.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Next week’s episode will also be delayed, hopefully only by one day. Yeah, real life strikes again.

Episode 29: Torrent

5 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 29

  1. Thanks for subbing. Hope you guys aren’t going to get backed up from the late release; for next episode. <3

  2. Don’t have the ep yet. Um don’t have time to check what you’re talking bout Commie’s Aiura regarding honorifics and the Aoi thing. So i’ll just ask if you’re not going to use honorifics anymore?

    • No, we’re not changing anything. Just saying that instead of translating a line Aoi said meaning “She said my name without honorifics” we used “She said my full name”. That’s it.

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