Aikatsu! – 31

Wish my mom was like her

Wish my mom was like her

Okay! Finally got this episode out (messing with kfx is suffering, don’t do it). Lots of fun little things I got to do with the translation too. Only note is about kinpira, and the root vegetable they mention gobo. It’s just a type of stir-fry.

Episode 31: Torrent

11 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 31

  1. Loved this episode, thanks for the subs.
    Btw I wonder when will Ichigo figure out that her mother is Miya.

  2. i cant believe that we fans who knew about aikatsu only at the end of last year know more than aoi who was idol expert since she was 7 years old!!!
    and ringo is miya now im 100 % sure of it!!!

  3. i thought you gonna title the next ep with “Strawberry Panic” like the thing you guys done in ep 10 hahaha… *slapped*, so bad this ep downloaded with worse quality than previous thing, guess my internet just can’t hold big files…..

    • Sakura meeting Green Grass, right? So, that was the first time it’s happened that we’ve also had the translation (exceptions include the Naughty Detective episodes), and because it wasn’t a concert segment we decided to just put the translation there so as not to be intrusive on the scene. Obviously, if you’re looking for the karaoke as well just go back a couple episodes.

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