Aikatsu! – 38

Aikatsu! - 38 [WR]_001_8052

Aikatsu! - 38 [WR]_001_8189

Good thing wordpress hates making images line up side by side

You can thank America for a slightly earlier release. And hey, we have notes today!

1) Soreyuke! is the name of a radio show from the 80’s. It’s translated in the episode.

2) Powa Powa Puririn doesn’t [really] mean anything.

3) … (I think you’ll know what I want to say if you just watch it)

Episode 38: Torrent

Also, next season plans… uhh… eventually.

25 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 38

    • I honestly have no idea why this is happening, but your fonts seem to be wrong for some reason. In my version (which I don’t have handy because I’m not at home), that line doesn’t break, so it’s all on one line. If you run into similar problems a lot, could you tell me what media player and such you use?

      • I use K-Lite Mega Code Pack (MPC) and I’ve been having the same problem for a few episodes already.

        • I forgot to mention but it only happens on full-size window also I tried full-screen just to be sure and it got worse not like it matters since I don’t use full-screen to watch anime anyway.

          • Sorry to make you feel bad but K-Lite is shit. Our subs will always work fine with either CCCP or VLC so use one of that.

          • nah, I used K-Lite, I don’t have any choice but I’ll try other player after I got a new laptop, I want to throw this one because the fcked memory seems can’t fixed anymore…..

          • I use K-Lite since most of the people I know use it as well but I’ll give VLC and CCCP a try if I like those maybe I’ll permanently uninstall K-Lite.

          • To make you feel better, I used to use K-lite too. Personally I used some guide to install every part of video/audio/sub decoding separately, but I don’t understand it myself, so CCCP should work great.

          • K-lite uninstalled. Well, both VLC and CCCP work just fine even cell text is appearing were it should now.The problems I had with OreImo lyrics on the opening were they kept blinking and completely disappearing at some points doesn’t happen with neither VLC or CCCP I bet some of the effects on lyrics of other anime where the effect actually was fixed not happening anything were prabably the same.

  1. i completely agree with the last post 😀 this is about powapowa puririns debut song 😀 *facedesks self* 😀

  2. Just if you guys are going to make a batch and want to know about small errors, at 14:01 shouldn’t “Isn’t that what make her interesting?” be “Isn’t that was makes her interesting?”?

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