Summer Season Plans

It seems we haven’t made a post about this season’s plans, and since we’re working on the first episode already, I figured I should probably announce it. We’re doing Kiniro Mosaic (which translates kinda to “Golden Mosaic”).

The first episode will be delayed until approximately 24 hours from now because Akatsukin is really high right now. Akatsukin is stuck in the San Francisco airport because of the crash, so we… don’t have typesetting. And the script hasn’t been edited yet.

Also, “they” have been suggesting the existence of a second Aikatsu season. Nothing’s confirmed though, so who knows.

10 thoughts on “Summer Season Plans

  1. Yes!. I’ve been looking for this everywhere and kept praying in the back of my mind you guys would pick it up (Maybe cause I’m British or whatever)…despite how unlikely it seemed. Can’t wait for your release. I’ve been reading the manga actually and I found it quite funny, though if the Anime follows any of the lines of the manga I have a feeling you’ll have a fair few TL notes to put it.=D ^_^

  2. I hope a second season would be some sort of direct sequel and not just another member of a franchise, like the Precures or Pretty Rhythm series.

  3. I hope there really is a second season.
    I’m happy you guys are picking up Kiniru. I’m looking forward for this show. :3

  4. I’m just glad that Akatsukin is alright with him being so near to such a thing. I look forward to more of your works guys.

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