Aikatsu! – 53


Best non-yuri couple in the show (not that that says much)

The absolute taste thing reminded me of Kitchen Princess (also known as Kitchen no Ohime-sama). Wait… how does one usually romanize お姫様? Ohime-sama looks wrong. O-hime-sama looks stupid. Ohimesama looks awkward.

Whatever. Kitchen Princess. Best shoujo manga I’ve ever read.

(Also, since apparently I should put more notes here, Noelle’s name is spelled that way because that’s what it is. (Seira’s name isn’t spelled Sarah or anything though, because we decided not to.) The Japanese version of do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do comes from the iroha ordering of the Japanese syllabary. And some other notey things you can probably figure out.)

Episode 53: Torrent

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