Aikatsu! – 54


Come on, introduce Sora already.

Promotional photo = 宣伝材料 (sendenzairyou, or advertisement ingredients) = 宣材 (senzai for short) = 洗剤 (senzai, meaning “detergent/soap”) = a joke.

意外 (igai, which we translated as “candid(ness)”) is kinda like like “igaiga”, which is kind of a throat-tickly sort-of onomatopoetic-ish thing.

Episode 54: Torrent

Oh, and TS I didn’t do after the break.

Aikatsu! - 54 [premux]_001_855

The only thing written here that isn’t obvious or in a previous episode is Aoi being runner-up in this year’s Starlight Queen Cup.

Aikatsu! - 54 [premux]_001_9264

Wota (probably) to Aoi and Ichigo
>Ichigo-chan, welcome back! I can’t wait to see you two on stage again!!

Other people
>The article in “ROUGE” this month was crazy good!
>I watched “Naughty Police Inspector” again! This is my eighth time today! It’s awesome no matter how much I watch!

>I took a new promo photo today!

>very cute! (in English)
>Awesome! I’ll be waiting for when it goes public!
>I wonder what outfit you wore this time
>Guess it’s time to say goodbye to your current one…

5 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 54

  1. yay!! Well, I haven’t seen any of the episodes of the second season, and with this I will begin! I mean, I begin with 51.

  2. Thanks as always! And thanks for the supplemental notes. I don’t think I would have caught the significance of the Kirakiratter icon even if I had paused to look at the screen, but that’s an awesome bit of continuity.

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