Aikatsu Friends! – 067

I want this merch

The buildup to the finale was so naturally included that I didn’t even realize what was happening, and it made it that much more touching and impactful. And for long-time viewers of Aikatsu, you may also recognize the kind of idol that Mirai seems to want to make, one who can, as they say, produce herself, if you catch my drift. So awesome.

This week is unexpectedly last minute because I had to spend the entire weekend and more in DC for a conference, but I did sneak away for long enough to see some cosplay at Otakon. I hope some people were there representing Aikatsu in my absence.

Episode 067: Torrent | Magnet

7 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 067

  1. Thank you very much; I had faith you would continue the streak of releases prior to the next episode broadcasts, and that faith was again rewarded.

    I will admit, the cynical part of me (which is the greater part of me, unfortunately) wasn’t real thrilled to see Wakaba get a certain thing before even debuting. Seems very premature, but maybe I simply don’t have a grasp on the qualifications.

  2. Koharu: look at these plushies of me and my friends, I made them myself
    Wakaba: weak, I have like an entire factory line producing Wakaba plushies

  3. Wakaba should have her own miniseries, I think she has the potential to become a protagonist. Either way, fantastic episode as usual. Now only one question remains: will Wakaba find her Friend?
    By the way, next episode looks crazy! I love it.

  4. Man i have to coment in this episode.
    The feels in the end when she graduated….not cried but the impact in me was real.

  5. Finally able to get to this episode. Wakaba fever is no joke! Stellar showing for both her and Mirai. Heck, this could be one of my favorite episodes in the Friends series!

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