Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge – 13

It’s the dramatic last episode, no time for fan service!

Well, here’s the last episode of Crime Edge. Somewhere along the line it changed from being a semi-psychological romance to being 90% loli fan service.

So apparently there’s a line that reads “We haven’t been able to do many t.” It should read “We haven’t been able to do many things as a couple.” How that happened? I HAVE NO IDEA. This is fixed in v2.

Episode 13: Torrent (v2) | Patch

Etoce (Translator, Timer, QC)

I’m not really sure what to think about this show. It had a completely fine premise and went along pretty well, and then at some point along the way it turned into loli fanservice (edit: NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH LOLI FANSERVICE). It was also awkward to time because characters would say fragments of sentence several seconds apart (which looks nice in manga but look awkward in subtitles). And there wasn’t nearly enough screen time for Kashiko, the best character. But it was fun to translate (usually) and I think we didn’t horribly fail this time.

Akatsukin (Editor, TLC, typesetting, song translation)

This show is the lewdest. It managed to hit upon nearly every common fetish, and a ton of random ones too. I had a lot of fun improving my skills (?) on this, and though I loved it and want a second season, I’m not quite ready for it yet. Look forward to our next season and the last cour of Aikatsu!

P.S. Lolicon is justice.

Yuyu (Encoder)

Working on Crime Ecchi was all kinds of weird. In my opinion, it started out really well, but managed to turn itself into something quite boring and horrible to watch. Let’s not even start with all the fanservice they somehow managed to throw in mid-way (not that I didn’t like that, though). Anyway, I hope you managed to enjoy the show as well as our subs as much as you can!

Here is a beautiful picture of Iwai as a last present from me.

…By the way, where’s Izumi?

8 thoughts on “Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge – 13

  1. Thanks for the hard work in providing us with Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, guys!
    Also… that last pic of Iwai really is beautiful.

    I think.
    Anyways, thanks again! ^^

  2. It was a fun ride until Emily came along…but well, I had hoped for continued darkness but instead was treated to cheeky, “gee-whiz” peek-a-boo flat chested sissies bathing together with strategic rays of light covering their privates and what nots. ;p
    Liked it despite that and despite the teaser at the end, not sure we will get s second season. You guys did an awesome job and I am here to say thanks. ^^

  3. Yeah, I’m a little dissapointed with this anime. From some point onwards, it felt like I was reading a (rather bad) fanfic. If not for the nice work of you guys, I don’t think I’d be able to make it through.

    Anyway, I’ll keep around for Aikatsu and hopefully some other good show you guys decide to get. Thanks again.

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