Aikatsu! – 76

mfw this episode

mfw this episode

I’m busy doing Wixoss for asenshi (which you should watch and has no bearing on Mezashite projects). Real post later.

With the coming of a new season, there is a new organization of what each of us do, and I’m back on TL duty for Aikatsu after half a year off. I have many thoughts about this episode, which I won’t bore you with before the break.

Episode 76: Torrent

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On “dreamshades”

This is more important so it goes on top. For the controversial “youmu” translation, we originally had “demon” to go along with cambion, but changed it to “shade” in episode 2 to match the Void Shadow. Other groups have phantom, youmu, or the much debated “dreamshade”.  To everyone who pretends to understand Japanese and tries to know better than actual fansubbers: fuck you.  As this latest episode of kyoukana demonstrated with the dream monologue, taking clues from the kanji used (妖夢) and attempting to localize is in fact the best way to translate.  Sure, UTW took a bit of a gamble, but it paid off this time, and it should be taken whenever possible.

Kyoukai no Kanata - 03 [premux]_001_5342

Once again: fuck you.

Why simulcasts are killing fansubbing

(If you’re a CR rep, it’s nothing personal)hibiki

What is a fansub? Is it a literal translation of the original Japanese, made in order to bring you as close to the original experience as possible? Is it a chance to show off how fancy you can make karaoke effects? Show off your English writing skills (read: thesaurus)? Maybe even try to expand your e-peen and get net popularity? Just what is it?

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