An issue with Sony

I’ve been dealing with a thing where someone gained access to my PSN account and charged my card for $500 worth of PSN things. I’ve spent the past three months trying to get the money back from Sony, with results that are both sad and hilarious. I made a write-up of the issue here.

It’ll be an enjoyable read, I promise you. And if you enjoy it and/or want to help me out, I encourage you to tweet @AskPlayStation while including a link to that post in your tweet (


Kyoukai no Kanata — 06

I took FORTY TWO screenshots of this episode

I took FORTY TWO screenshots of this episode. No, I’m not trying to impress you

KyoAni, saving anime one pair of glasses at a time. You’ll see.

Episode 06: Torrent

Oh, right, Aikatsu is delayed for at least a day. Rewatch this episode of KnK in the meantime, it’ll make everything better. ALSO, work on the batch is coming along. It’s going to be a whole lot better than our original releases.