Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 10

That must be the lewdest math book ever...

That must be the lewdest math book ever…

So apparently the taking-cold-baths diet is a thing in Japan, which is why Murakami tells Kazumi to take a cold bath when she asks him to help her prepare for the beach in a scene that otherwise makes no sense. I remember wanting to say something else, but I forgot what it was. Oh yeah, the fucking new OP. Who knows what they’re saying?

And this episode’s title (Proof of Life) is the second that shares its name with a song that mirrors what happens in the show. In this case, it’s the Kagamine Rin song by… Hitoshizuku-P?! What?! I didn’t know it was written by Hitoshizuku-P!

Episode 10: Torrent

(spoiler TL note after)

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Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 08

I hope none of you know German. (pic unrelated)

I hope none of you know German. (pic unrelated)

I’m enjoying all the screentime Kazumi’s getting, but it just makes me feel like she’s about to be majorly sidelined. Well, at least she’ll be needed for her Dutch oversetting.

Oh yeah, speaking of Dutch, I almost bought a DFB jersey (uh, “kit”?) yesterday. Then I didn’t. And I think there was something I wanted to TL-note, but I forgot what it was. I’ll letcha all know if I remember.

Episode 08: Torrent

Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 07


Lots of new proper nouns this episode.

Grani is some horse in Norse mythology somewhat connected to Brynhildr. It’s pronounced in such a way as to suggest that it should be “Grane”, but we spelled it “Grani” to be consistent with “Brynhildr” (the Brynhildr in the title is closer to Brunhilde — you either use Brynhildr/Grani or Brunhilde/Grane).

Kojo no Tsuki (荒城の月) means “Moon over the Ruined Castle” and is a song from like, a long time ago. It’d be like an American singing Camptown Races at karaoke.

Episode 07: Torrent

Delays or something


I didn’t really want to spend the colossal effort it takes to make a post about the delay, but I guess we’ve established a precedent of announcing Brynhildr delays… sigh…

Thirty More than thirty hours from now or so, probably.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 05

I guess everyone's just minding there own business. (This show doesn't have very many good release pictures)

I guess everyone’s just minding their own business. (This show doesn’t have very many good release pictures)

In BUMP OF CHICKEN’s song 天体観測 (also the title of this episode), the singer sings about how in his obsession with looking at the stars, he overlooks the girl on Earth next to him. I guess this is kinda like that.

Also, about star magnitudes. Apparently stars are sometimes categorized by their brightness into categories with numbers. It’s a log scale, though, so it’s not like Vega is cheating to be magnitude zero. In fact, the scale they’re probably using is calibrated using Vega to be zero.

Episode 05: Torrent

Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 04

Apparently this is the same ocean as the Lucy-washing-up ocean.

Apparently this is the same ocean as one Lucy washed up on.

We’re using HS video for this one (because I’m bad at encoder poking), so it’s censored (and no, we don’t have plans to release it uncensored, mostly because of my encoder-poking skills).

I don’t remember if there was anything to talk about, but that’s not surprising, since I can’t remember anything at all right now. Though I guess there was an unnecessarily long discussion about whether Kazumi’s last name should be Schlieren-Sauer or Schlierenzauer.

Episode 04: Torrent

Brynhildr Delay (again?)

What, again?

ETA: uh, probably twenty-four or so hours

I think from now on, you should probably assume that we’re going to be late since that’s what the data shows (show?). There’s no fancy reason this time other than that someone’s yaruki was apparently killed.

Really, I shouldn’t be making these posts. It’s much more stylish to do silent delays the way we did those Aikatsu delays the last two seasons.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 03

Don't worry. That red you see isn't blood.

Don’t worry. That red you see isn’t blood.

Urgrgh most of my organs are intact but my eyeballs seem to be melting. Baseball was fun though. Invisible Germans were neutral.

The big note-wanting thing this episode is the term 鎮死剤 chinshizai. It’s essentially the word 鎮痛剤 (painkiller/analgesic), except with 死 (death) instead of 痛 (pain). “Deathkiller” didn’t sound particularly pleasing, so we went and deathified analgesic instead. Analgesic is an (without) + algesis (sense of pain), so we called the anti-death medicine “athanatics”, from thanatos (death). Because all things medicine-related are Greek.

I guess we could’ve done something with the word “death” in it, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to use a word like “athanatic”.

Also, the things on their necks are called ハーネスト — “Harnessed”. We call them harnesses, because harness is a noun and harnessed is not.

Episode 03: Torrent