Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 04

Apparently this is the same ocean as the Lucy-washing-up ocean.

Apparently this is the same ocean as one Lucy washed up on.

We’re using HS video for this one (because I’m bad at encoder poking), so it’s censored (and no, we don’t have plans to release it uncensored, mostly because of my encoder-poking skills).

I don’t remember if there was anything to talk about, but that’s not surprising, since I can’t remember anything at all right now. Though I guess there was an unnecessarily long discussion about whether Kazumi’s last name should be Schlieren-Sauer or Schlierenzauer.

Episode 04: Torrent

Brynhildr Delay (again?)

What, again?

ETA: uh, probably twenty-four or so hours

I think from now on, you should probably assume that we’re going to be late since that’s what the data shows (show?). There’s no fancy reason this time other than that someone’s yaruki was apparently killed.

Really, I shouldn’t be making these posts. It’s much more stylish to do silent delays the way we did those Aikatsu delays the last two seasons.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 03

Don't worry. That red you see isn't blood.

Don’t worry. That red you see isn’t blood.

Urgrgh most of my organs are intact but my eyeballs seem to be melting. Baseball was fun though. Invisible Germans were neutral.

The big note-wanting thing this episode is the term 鎮死剤 chinshizai. It’s essentially the word 鎮痛剤 (painkiller/analgesic), except with 死 (death) instead of 痛 (pain). “Deathkiller” didn’t sound particularly pleasing, so we went and deathified analgesic instead. Analgesic is an (without) + algesis (sense of pain), so we called the anti-death medicine “athanatics”, from thanatos (death). Because all things medicine-related are Greek.

I guess we could’ve done something with the word “death” in it, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to use a word like “athanatic”.

Also, the things on their necks are called ハーネスト — “Harnessed”. We call them harnesses, because harness is a noun and harnessed is not.

Episode 03: Torrent

Brynhildr Delay


Due to a multitude of reasons which include invisible Germans and baseball, episode three of Gokukoku no Brynhildr will be delayed.

You can expect it to be done at around 30 hours from now. Maybe 35 hours if our organs melt. In 40 hours, you won’t even be able to tell it was human.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 02


There was a serious dearth of good release images this episode.

The “residential paperwork” they’re talking about is some sort of thing you have to fill it when you move somewhere or something.

The “misreading” Neko does is her reading kanji by reading their constituent parts as if they were kana. So 今 becomes ヘ (he) and ラ (ra). 左右 becomes ナエナロ. 会合 becomes ヘニムヘーロ or something. Ignoring the fact that reading like that is silly, it’s doubly excusable because all of those are first-grade kanji.

Personally, I hope they introduce Miss Streaks-Sour soon. She’s like 76% of why I wanted to do this show.

Also, for the like, half a person who’s interested, the name of the book they read from is 肉食之説 (The Theory of Meat Eating — I don’t know if there’s a standard English translation) and if you want to (try to) read it, it’s available for free here.

Episode 02: Torrent

Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 01

Neko from an angle

This… may or may not be that kind of show.

Well, at least I like this show.

The answers Neko gives for the times table questions based on her interpreting the question as words and not numbers.

九九 kuku (times tables) = クク (kuku, the food) -> “I’m just not a fan of how they taste…”
2*2 = ににんが nininga -> momonga (flying squirrel)
8*2 = 蜂に hachi ni (by a bee) -> stung
8*8 = 葉っぱ (leaf) -> green and grassy

Episode 01: Torrent