Kin-iro Mosaic – 02


Here’s an episode of … not-Aikatsu!¬†Aikatsu is delayed until whenever it gets done.

TL notes for Kin-iro to come in the next hour or so.

Episode 02: Torrent

Akatsukin: So, you might be wondering where Aikatsu is right now. You ever have one of those weeks where everything you thought you knew was wrong, and your entire life was turned upside down? Add that to 22 hours of plane traveling and you’ve got my last week. Not to blog (ha ha), but that’s why delays. Kiniro out because Etoce did all the hard parts so I got to rest. Most likely release tomorrow.

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Kin-iro Mosaic – 01

This image is kind of representative of why we were late.

Due to travel- and plane-crash-related reasons (none of which resulted in permanent bodily harm in any of our members), we became late.

The fact that the audio and video weren’t synced correctly when this episode aired in Japan didn’t help, either. We ended up having to time it twice, which was annoying, but not as bad as a plane crashing.

(Also, why does it seem like the lines are timed a little bit too late in general in the release? Is it just me?)

Here’s the episode. Though there weren’t very many in the first episode, this show promises to require lots of TL notes (none of which we are normally willing to put in the episode itself), and I’ll include them in the release posts. TL notes after the break.

Episode 01: Torrent

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