Aikatsu Stars! – 084

Warning: This image contains dangerous levels of OTP

This contest was clearly designed to push pairs of girls to the dark side. It even influenced innocent younger girls who watched it. Anyway, in the middle there are all these events which I didn’t want to typeset, so I’ll list them here: Idol Rock Awards, Self-produce Dance Vocal Audition, Finding Rookie Idols! Audition, Cinderella Stage Audition, Dancing Star Audition, World’s Greatest Sweets Idol Selection. There was also some interesting info revealed about the endgame of this season; let’s see how it turns out.

Episode 084: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu Stars! – 083


Hey everyone, thanks for being patient despite the delay. I hope those of you who had off last week enjoyed the holiday. Only a few things to say about this episode since I’m sure you’re all more excited to watch it than read this. General reminder that takoyaki is made out of octopus for one. For two, they somehow got the ending to Romeo and Juliet backwards—your memory of it is just fine. So yep, enjoy the subs, and see you tomorrow for the next episode.

Episode 083: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu Stars! – 081

I for one am all for lighthearted episodes

This might have been the funniest episode of Aikatsu Stars ever. Also, if you pay close attention, it seems that Yume corrected Rei’s speech from last week. Thinking about it logically, Rei messed up a line. Compare them and you’ll see what I mean.

Episode 081: Torrent | Magnet

PS: Remember to kindly not post spoilers of future episodes in the comments.

Aikatsu Stars! – 077

She reminds me of Fuwari here. Or maybe Maria

You claim to be experts, Aikatsu, and yet you can’t even get a single scientific name of a flower correct? The Humilis Alba Coerulea Ocula should actually end in Oculata. How can I ever trust anything I learn from you again?

Also, this episode’s keikaku levels were off the charts.

Episode 077: Torrent | Magnet