Aikatsu! – 170

Shoes inside? What kind of Japanese girl is she?

Shoes inside? What kind of Japanese girl is she?

And now for the continuation of Akari’s last episode. Couple things after the break.

Oh, and we’re doing the Aikatsu Music Awards. I don’t know when, but it’ll be done.

Episode 170: Torrent | Magnet

ERRATUM: I dun goofed this line. Akari says “No, it’s not a seaweed bento, it’s a mega mega bento [from Hoshimiya’s place].”

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Aikatsu! – 169

You know what they say about shooting for the moon

You know what they say about shooting for the moon

Delays brought to you by news SO IMPORTANT that every channel had to talk about it at different times with loud beeps. So this encode is part chimera. It also broke like three times in the making, so we missed Aoi’s birthday. I could’ve used my own miracle.

Episode 169: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu! – 168

Maybe being a country bumpkin isn't so bad...

Maybe being a country bumpkin isn’t so bad…

This whole setup for the Starlight Queen Cup is the most intense train we’ve had since it happened in season one. The huge thing to note in this episode is what “May Queen” means in this context. Rather than being a title for the girl during May Day celebrations, as it turns out there’s a breed of potatoes from the UK originally named Walker’s Seedling, which were then imported to Japan and became famous growing in Hokkaido. Hence the confusion many native English speakers like myself will feel considering this episode is still in January.

The other minor thing to note, though you must be aware by now after four years, is how different the same song can be in different performances. The timing of today’s song changed in relation to the camerawork. Usually one lyric is sung for one or two cuts, and it’s very clean to time. However, today they decided to alter it such that each lyric starts at the end of one cut and continues onto the next, making it feel much more dynamic than usual. This is actually story-related, as you’ll see for yourself.

Episode 168: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu! – 166

Rare Sumire in winter uniform without coat

Rare Sumire in winter uniform without coat

Buy the figurines! This episode made up for the week off. I won’t say much here and leave the enjoyment up to you, but they’re going full blast from the start. By the way “Start Dash” is wasei-eigo (that you can also hear in the OP) meaning basically the starting run when you’re in a race, like when track runners go off the blocks. You’ll get it.

Episode 166: Torrent | Magnet

>Forget release was on Nonocchi’s birthday
Wow I’m stupid. Happy birthday, Nono-chan! Now we managed to release for both potatoes.

Charlotte – Batch

[GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte - 02 [63799744].mkv_snapshot_01.52_[2016.01.05_16.30.14]

Apparently we made a TV batch release with some fixes. We fixed up some of the awkward lines that were caused by not knowing the future in early episodes and updated the songs to match the official lyrics. The ZHIEND concert songs also apparently have lyrics now.

Also, Hoshi-no-Umi is now “Star Ocean”, like the games.

Batch: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu! – 165

Everyone's eating them wrong!

Everyone’s eating them wrong!

Like, comment, and subscribe if you eat strawberry shortcake correctly and save the best for last.

Wow there’s a goldmine of stuff to say about this episode. First and most importantly, no new Aikatsu this week, December 31. It will return on January 7. There were literally four new dialects this week which were done with varying degrees of success: Kansai (which I guess isn’t new), Kyushu, Aomori, and Akita (which is host to our new friend Hanawa Yayoi). And speaking of her, her gimmick relates to a local demon called the Namahage, which you can see on her head and in the statues. There were three old OST pieces that I caught this episode, which I’ll relate after the break, as well as several KiraKiratter tweets that were prohibitively hard to typeset. Look for them after the break as well. Alright then, Happy Merry [Late] Christmas!

Episode 165: Torrent | Magnet

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Aikatsu! – 164

Too handsome, can't resist

Too handsome, can’t resist

Happy New Year! Wait, what do you mean it’s not even Christmas yet?

Notes notes notes. 雑煮 (zouni) translated as “mochi soup” is actually pretty close, though I’ve never heard the term we used before. お節 (osechi) is a general term for traditional New Year’s food translated as “supper”. Both of these have been translated in other ways in the past. 柏手 (kashiwade) is the act of clapping your hands in prayer at a Shinto shrine. You bow twice, clap twice, pray, and then bow once more. This was a joke ruiner (Nono simply had never heard the term before). And by the way, I’m sure you’ve already heard of 初詣で (hatsumoude) the first shrine visit of the New Year. There’s a certain Osaka joke in this episode about money; just think of them as the Jews of Japan. You might be familiar with it if you’ve seen an anime called Kill la Kill (it wasn’t all that popular, you’ve probably never heard of it). Lastly is a reference to 鏡餅 (kagami mochi), a stack of mochi that, fittingly, looks similar to a “snowman” (I’m sure you remember, but this was back in episode 13). Okay, that’s it, now go and enjoy.

Episode 164: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu! – 163

Yes, toys please, just take my money

Yes, toys please, just take my money

What do you mean you don’t sleep holding your Angely Bear and Aikatsu Dolls? You’d better have been a good little boy or girl and ask Santa for it quick, he’s just about ready to pack his bags.

Episode 163: Torrent | Magnet

Edit: Wow, can’t believe I almost forgot such a great coincidence bordering on miracle. Happy birthday, Risappe!