Aikatsu! – 92

I wonder if coffins are actually comfortable

I wonder if coffins are actually comfortable

Hey, hey. I thought of the best Brynhildr pun just now. Too bad I didn’t think of it when it was relevant.

And on an unrelated note, why does Wikipedia seem to prefer the two-word version of compound words for article titles? There’s photo shoot, punch line, and burn down chart. Photoshoot, punchline, and burndown chart are way more natural to me.

Episode 92: Torrent | Magnet

What, you want the pun? After the break. Because spoilers.

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Aikatsu! – 91

onegai KISS de me wo samashite hoshii no // shiroi hitsugi kara tsuredasu you ni

onegai KISS de me wo samashite hoshii no // shiroi hitsugi kara tsuredasu you ni

I’m like 75% okay with the selections.

Some amount of non-negative thanks to Yuyu for something or other.

Episode 91: Torrent | Magnet

Akatsukin notes: We finally find out the name of the guy who announces everything. His name is 徳井十九 (tokui tohku), pronounced the same as 得意トーク, which translated means “skilled at talking/announcing/commentating”. Now if only that Arai Satomi announcer would come back…
Thoughts on Mizuki after the break.

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Aikatsu! – 90

Yurika-tan, love you~

There was a Yurika scene in the episode I wanted to make a gif of but I can’t find it

Looks like I’m back on Aikatsu. Been since episode 75. Yurika is the best. Aoi is like, above average. So this was pretty nice.

Enjoy the product of Aka-chan’s “I can’t lose” karaoke effects.

The v2 is because we somehow missed a line. And EinsamerWanderer, I think I remembered to use quotes this time!

Episode 90: Torrent v2 | Magnet | Patch

Ao Haru Ride – 01

This is the shoujoest shoujo

This is the shoujoest shoujo

Yes, Mezashite [Etoce: doesn't our name have an exclamation point?] is doing the straight romance with drama series of the summer season, Ao Haru Ride (also known as Blue Spring Ride [Etoce: and Blaue Frühlingsfahrt]). What you may or may not know about the strange sounding title is that while it’s written in katakana, if you stick the two equivalent kanji together you get 青春 (seishun), which means youth or adolescence. The Ride part is written as ライド, so it means “ride” in English. Therefore, put it all together and you get “Ride of Adolescence” [Etoce: also the title of a Vocaloid song]. I always found it kind of romantic that it’s written as basically immature springtime, which is likely also why you sometimes hear the phrase “springtime of youth”. Japanese is both fun and difficult [Etoce: the default hypothesis for language difficulty held by most linguists is that all languages are equally difficult]. Also, releases will hopefully be faster from now on. You know how the first week always is.

Episode 01: Torrent | Magnet

Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 13

Yeah, they skipped a lot.

Yeah, they skipped a lot.

This show is literally Elfen Lied.

Also, since this is the last episode, we’re going to have staff comments, as usual. Eventually. I just wanna sleep. This was delayed like ten extra minutes because the ED was being silly.

Episode 13: Torrent | Magnet

Etoce (Translation, Timing, Songs, QC):

For some reason, this show provided script that were… uh, not very frustrating to translate. I think it was probably because the script was very forced and uninspiring. Actually, the show in general wasn’t that great. It was a pleasing show to translate, but I don’t know if I’d’ve enjoyed it very much if I were just watching it. Oh well. I guess it had its moments. And this show also led to me achieving my fifth fansubbing achievement, so that was nice.

Akatsukin (Editing, Typesetting, TLC)

This show had Taneda Risa, astronomy, and Elfen Lied, just like I said. It also was clearly biased towards certain girls, which I had hoped it wouldn’t do (Neko excluded, MC privilege and all). The juxtaposition between very serious/people dying and making jokes about the gradation of nipples was pretty humorous, and it wasn’t particularly difficult to do this show from my position. It just didn’t have that magic that it needed to be really great. Maybe that was somewhere in the 50 chapters it butchered. Well, I’m at least glad it’s over and we can all move on with our lives. Oh yeah, and if you go back and watch Oreshura again after this it becomes about 214% funnier.

Special thanks to HS for doing such a great job encoding for us.