Aikatsu! – 101

"Thank you for always lighting up my path"

“Thank you for always lighting up my path”

Fifty-one weeks later, we reach the end of our second season of Aikatsu, still going strong. I’ve said it before, but I was not expecting this to go on so long, and we’ve got at least another year and a movie ahead of us. Our two year anniversary isn’t for another two weeks, but let’s treat this as our 8th season anniversary at least. Beginning next week we finally get a clean slate for our namesake show, and stand on a new start line. Here’s to the future.

Oh yeah, and there were several lines this episode devoted to saying lines from the insert song. I hope you haven’t forgotten about that.

Akatsukin and Etoce

Varying translation, editing, tlc, songs, QC, and TS (Aka only)


Encoding, distro


Encoding, ded


Secret distro

Episode 101: Torrent | Magnet

Ao Haru Ride – 12

Did I mention how "ao haru" means "blue spring"?

Did I mention how “ao haru” means “blue spring”?

And that ends our summer show about spring on the first day of fall. Winter can go play by itself.

furzee (Encoder, Distro):

pls follow
also all anime sucks

Akatsukin (Translation, TS (1-4), QC):

I just wanted a simple romance. I didn’t ask for all this dead mother drama. I don’t want to think about real life, I want to escape it. Why did you do this to me? You can take your blue spring and your ride and your storm and your desperation and fake friends and false doors and implied rape and dropping out and shove it.

Etoce (Editing, TLC, Songs):

Why do I feel like I was asleep for this whole series? At least the songs were fun to do.

Chhotu_uttam (TS (5-12)):

Episode 12: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu! – 97

Spoilers: new song

Spoilers: New song

Hey guys… I think Akari’s going to be the main character of the next season. Don’t tell anyone else, though. Also looks like we found another character who can’t do her times tables. At least she doesn’t make a joke about it. Oh yes, and this episode uses my most favorite trope ever, the everlasting stars. I hope you enjoy this plotline that took 47 episodes to resolve.

Episode 97: Torrent | Magnet (sorry for being late)

Ao Haru Ride – 08

Finally some Murao love

Finally some Miuna Murao love

Funny story—looks like CR actually got an unfinished version of the episode. You can see basically the only important difference here (yes, they removed that sign). How do I know ours is right? Because Kou isn’t a total derp. Or it just could’ve been furzee being a good encoder and fixing Production I.G.s errors . And if you’re curious, Kou happens to be a Terry Bradshaw fan.

Episode 08: Torrent