Aikatsu! – 138

Tokui Tooku is the man

Tokui Tooku is the man

Let me ask you something: Have we ever, in the entire history of subbing Aikatsu, released subs after the following episode has come out? No. Not once in 138 episodes. We have never been late. So chill out. Also, the movie 720p version is out, see below.

Episode 138: Torrent

But I do appreciate you all.

Aikatsu! The Movie


Mezashite! presents: Aikatsu! Idol Activities The Movie

Half a year after it aired in theaters, roughly two weeks after the Blu-Ray came out, and countless hours of subbing it daily have finally culminated in our release. We thank you for all of your support, and hope you enjoy watching it, whether this is your first or fiftieth viewing.

Aikatsu! Gekijouban: 1080p Torrent | 720p Torrent


Akatsukin: (See below)

Etoce: I don’t not want not to leave no comment

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Aikatsu! – 135

Praise it!

Praise it!

Just like the Japanese assume children know that yotsuba = four-leaf clover, I assume you all do as well. There were some other Kobe related things in the episode, but you should be able to understand them. If not, then reevaluate what your world is centered around.

Episode 135: Torrent