Aikatsu! – 121

How I missed you, original Yamato nadeshiko

How I missed you, original Yamato nadeshiko

Goodbye, Miyabi-chan. You were cool and cute. Also, I hope you’ll recognize this song when it plays, which is what I believe inspired me to start learning how to kfx in the first place. This episode was everything that Aikatsu should be, and next week looks even better.

Episode 121: Torrent

Aikatsu! – 118

Miyabi, the elegant idol from Kyoto, the old capital

Miyabi, the elegant idol from Kyoto, the old capital

You should already know that the naginata is a traditional weapon for the wives of samurai. Men traditionally didn’t use it, even if it is awesome. Also, nadeshiko is a type of flower. Enjoy our one month guest.

Episode 118: Torrent

Aikatsu! – 116

Don't be swept away by the invisible storm

Don’t be swept away by the invisible storm

This episode helped me through a rainy and dreary day last week. Fortunately the weather is bad again, so nice timing on our part. Oozora means sky, by the way.

In the episode Juri says “de dana”, but Eto thinks that she meant “de nada”. Hinaki helps us out anyway though, so it doesn’t matter too much.

Episode 116: Torrent

Aikatsu! – 115

Aikatsu 115

I was going to use the other image I made as the release image but it was animated so it’s at the bottom of this post instead.

Sumire doesn’t get enough spotlight.

Akatsukin is coping with various malignant ailments, wandering through manyfold tribulations, and possibly partaking in a multitude of traitorous activities, so I ended up translating this episode. Man, it’s been a while. And of course I get the episode about fucking soil.

I don’t think there was anything that really merited a TL note, so I’m not going to mention any. Speaking of things I won’t mention, it’s totally not Shion’s birthday today.

Episode 115: Torrent | Magnet

Akari face compilation after the break.

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Aikatsu! – 113

This episode is full of... "fashion"

This episode is full of… “fashion”

My god, the writers actually expanded upon Hinaki’s past? Way to go. Also, I took a count of the number of lines Sumire had.

Actual lines: 10
Single word responses: 6
Responses that were verbal but not subbed: 2

Poor Sumire, I hope she’s able to mature over this year.

Episode 113: Torrent | Magnet