Aikatsu! – 78

I mean, I guess she should get an image despite Akari being 200% cuter in her minute of deban

I mean, I guess Mikuru should get an image despite Akari being 300% cuter in her minute of deban

I was going to write a note about ferrets or something, but it really doesn’t matter. Mezashite does not condone the use of illegal graffiti. Aikatsu responsibly.

Also, wish Maria a happy birthday, since she’s long since relegated to being a third-class character.

Episode 78: Torrent

Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 02


There was a serious dearth of good release images this episode.

The “residential paperwork” they’re talking about is some sort of thing you have to fill it when you move somewhere or something.

The “misreading” Neko does is her reading kanji by reading their constituent parts as if they were kana. So 今 becomes ヘ (he) and ラ (ra). 左右 becomes ナエナロ. 会合 becomes ヘニムヘーロ or something. Ignoring the fact that reading like that is silly, it’s doubly excusable because all of those are first-grade kanji.

Personally, I hope they introduce Miss Streaks-Sour soon. She’s like 76% of why I wanted to do this show.

Also, for the like, half a person who’s interested, the name of the book they read from is 肉食之説 (The Theory of Meat Eating — I don’t know if there’s a standard English translation) and if you want to (try to) read it, it’s available for free here.

Episode 02: Torrent

Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 01

Neko from an angle

This… may or may not be that kind of show.

Well, at least I like this show.

The answers Neko gives for the times table questions based on her interpreting the question as words and not numbers.

九九 kuku (times tables) = クク (kuku, the food) -> “I’m just not a fan of how they taste…”
2*2 = ににんが nininga -> momonga (flying squirrel)
8*2 = 蜂に hachi ni (by a bee) -> stung
8*8 = 葉っぱ (leaf) -> green and grassy

Episode 01: Torrent

Aikatsu! – 76

mfw this episode

mfw this episode

I’m busy doing Wixoss for asenshi (which you should watch and has no bearing on Mezashite projects). Real post later.

With the coming of a new season, there is a new organization of what each of us do, and I’m back on TL duty for Aikatsu after half a year off. I have many thoughts about this episode, which I won’t bore you with before the break.

Episode 76: Torrent

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Next Season Plans (Spring 2014)

Alright, so since this is the first week of the new season finally (so soon?), we figured that we should probably announce since we probably aren’t going to change our minds like last season. From the artistic genius who brought you such classics as Elfen Lied and Nononono, we now present Gokukoku no Brynhildr (Brynhildr in the Darkness). Apparently there are dead girls, an astronomy club, and Taneda Risa. Well, that’s good enough for me. It also airs on Sundays, so Aikatsu releases should speed up considerably (except maybe this week, because new OP/ED and all that). So yeah, get excited for our new show.

(Read the first letter of each line of the previous post)

Spring 2014 Subbing Plans

And we’re finally ready to announce our new season plans. Prepare your hearts for the new yuri anime to heal your souls, Akuma no Riddle. Right after Sakura Trick, I bet you all thought you’d have to resort to rewatching, but worry no more; I‘ll be here with Mezashite to get you your Thursday fix. Let’s not forget Strick’s sister manga either: Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?  Fear not, for we’ll be subbing that too.

On the other hand, we have some bad new for our Aikatsu fans. Our experience has shown that with two new Thursday shows coming up, Aikatsu will be indefinitely delayed. Leave it to Japan to air all the good shows on exactly the same day every week. Sorry to say, but it just isn’t worth it to prioritize a show like this, especially since we’re the only subbers anyway.

Sakura Trick — 12


Mezashite! presents: Sakura Trick episode 12

For those of you who waited for us, thank you. For those of you who didn’t, I hope you enjoy rewatching the finale.

Akatsukin (Translation, Timing, QC, Typesetting)

For once, finally, someone delivered and gave us not only the yuri anime that we’ve been waiting for, but a romantic anime where getting together is not the final point in the series (putting aside Haruka’s retardation). Pretty sure I said I’d never do a sign-heavy anime again after KinMoza, but we just couldn’t pass up the chance for something so well suited for Mezashite! It was again a lot of work, and I know due to various reasons the last two episodes were quite delayed, but I hope you enjoyed Sakura Trick as much as I did. I don’t think my heart will ever be the same again. And since it looks like we’re doing this, Mitsuki best.

Etoce (Editing, Typesetting, Songs)

Actually, I’m pretty sure we decided to do Sakura Trick because of a hastily made snap decision on a groggy Wednesday morning. Also, Kotone’s probably the best girl.

furzi (Typesetting, Encoding (12))

Kaede best girl.

yuyu (Encoding, Slacking)

bad show

Episode 12: Torrent


Aikatsu! – 74


Spoiler: You can’t escape the DreAca characters even in the most Starlight-focused episode of the season.

So I was purposefully translating 中等部 as just “middle school” up until now because we didn’t know, but now…

Episode 74: Torrent