Charlotte – 09

I don't know about you, but I like it when they push a ship.

I don’t know about you, but I like it when they push a ship.

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Man, oh man, do we have some plot this episode. Also, I’m trying to think of a Maeda/Key work that doesn’t have or mention a hospital, and I’m coming up blank. Any help? I suppose Air would count if you exclude the Kirishima clinic, but I think that should still count as a hospital.

I’m also gonna plug my ’cause apparently all fansubbers need one of those.

Episode 09: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu! – 147

Everyone's favorite shot of the episode

Everyone’s favorite shot of the episode

This episode looked like crap. In contrast, it was very well written and acted, and I even had to reference episodes as early as 16 and 23 to properly translate it. How’s that for continuity. And I could’ve sworn the year’s theme was supposed to be romance stories. I guess they ran out a while ago.

Episode 147: Torrent

PS: I think Sunrise listened to my email about “de nada”. Anyone want to check the BD of the original episode and see if they fixed it there too?

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Charlotte – 08


Half human, half paint smudge

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ZHIEND is “the end”, in case you didn’t know. And speaking of didn’t know, we don’t know how know you guys that. Do you know?

Also, the ZHIEND song reminds me of the “the place changes and goes” song from Clannad. Didn’t Eclipse translate that one from English to English?

Episode 08: Torrent | Magnet

Charlotte – 07



Nothing on the TV is really important. There’s a trivia show at the beginning where they talk about Golden Ramen which at least references something in the show, I guess.

Episode 07: Torrent | Magnet

See the rest of the post if you want to make Otosaka-style omurice (the secret sauce is still secret, unfortunately—you’ll have to substitute regular pizza sauce).

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Charlotte – 06


Clover-hairpin-chan second-best?

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Maybe this series does have some OP foreshadowing after all. Speaking of foreshadowing, I’m not alone in feeling that the word “to foreshadow” can be used in common speech to mean “to be an omen of”, right?

Oh yeah, and I made an account because at least one of the cool people is doing it, and I’m supposed to link to it to get questions or something… but I don’t want to do that because it feels so attention-whorey.

Episode 06: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu! – 145

Earthquake warnings? In my hair? It's more likely than you think

Earthquake warnings? In my hair? It’s more likely than you think

Yeah, nothing can be done about those. The other channel actually had beeping, and it’ll be days before a fresh channel airs it (and there’s no guarantee that won’t also have warnings). I didn’t want to make you wait when we were done already.

Tamaya, if my memory of TL notes from years ago serves, was an important firework creator in Japan, and people shout his name when fireworks go off.

I forget what else I wanted to say, but they just keep piling on the cure hairstyles, and there appears to be a fun little Wing-kun plot forming. Please BNP, do it.

Episode 145: Torrent

Charlotte – 05

Joujirou bathing


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Delays caused by power outages or something? I’m not sure. I would write something about the episode but it’s been so long.

Here are my opinions on the episode:

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Episode 05: Torrent | Magnet