Charlotte – 05

Joujirou bathing


Joint with Good Job! Media.

Delays caused by power outages or something? I’m not sure. I would write something about the episode but it’s been so long.

Here are my opinions on the episode:

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Episode 05: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu! – 144

I am now Katanashi from W!!! episode 4

I am now Katanashi-kun from W!!! episode 4

Yay for candid/hidden camera shows. I was certainly surprised this episode. Also, why does Sumire love apples so much, and why does Maya like to make up words that don’t exist? Oh, there’s also this unavoidable translation faux pas, so sorry if you catch it.

One note about Director Itsumo, though I’m sure I’ve said it before: His name is a pun on “Always Director”, as in he’s always the director they use in this show. It’s similar to the talk show host who MCs all of the competitions.

Episode 144: Torrent

Aikatsu! – 143

If there was ever an episode I'd like to self-insert, this is the one

If there was ever an episode I’d like to self-insert, this is the one

So yeah, delays brought to you by Otakon. Will we continue to release Charlotte and this on the same day for the rest of the season? Only fate will tell.

Also, thank you Bromiya Ichibro (as Etoce has dubbed you) for the cards. I-It’s okay that you didn’t call me, I wasn’t lonely or anything… ;_;

Oh, and season four confirmed! Two new girls all the way from Hokkaido with a sexy new brand. Looks like we’re in this together for another year. Aikatsu will never die!

Episode 143: Torrent

Charlotte – 04

Tomori gripping a baseball

Best girl demonstrating a knuckleball grip. Not all knuckleballers use this grip—notably, Tim Wakefield gripped his with the tips of his fingers.

Speaking of knuckleballs, you’re great, R.A. Dickey, but you’ll never be as valuable as d’Arnaud and Syndergaard. Man, that trade was a steal.

And why don’t they try to tag the runners at second and third at 15:00ish? Those aren’t force plays.

Edit: Mejia you are a fucking idiot.

Episode 04: Torrent | Magnet

Notes on stuff after the break.

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Charlotte – 03


They introduce Ms. Westwood/Blackwing this episode, so clearly, the release picture should be best girl.

Apparently there’s a sweet yuzu variety in Japan called the yuku, so our typo in Sakura Trick episode 1 just got slightly less embarrassing.

Also, sometimes I wish it were custom to translate proper nouns. It was historically done in Europe (Charlemagne/Karl der Groß, Christopher Columbus/Cristoforo Colombo, Marcus Antonius/Marc Antony, etc.), and is still done among East Asian countries (e.g. Sadaharu Oh is known as Wang Chen-Chih in Mandarin-speaking places). It would make meaningful names in anime easier to do. If only all anime had names as easy to make sound nice in English as Aikatsu.

Episode 03: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu! – 141

This episode was too adorable

This episode was too adorable

It’s just a coincidence that Aikatsu and Charlotte release on the same day, I swear. Also, Spanish and Mexican are different languages? Well, whatever the case, I’m in the mood for some jalapenos.

Episode 141: Torrent

Charlotte – 02

Nao eating something from behind.

I hear everyone hates her. If so, everyone is wrong.

Joint with Good Job! Media. Like, 90% of the delay was caused by karaoke effects-ing. I haven’t seen them myself, but they’re probably worth the wait. And maybe we should just call this “on time” future episodes are either “on time” or “early”.

Today I found out that lots of people prefer to split words like “zutto” as “zu-tto” when said as two syllables. They’re all wrong, by the way. My way is always the right way, and I use “zut-to”.

ZHIEND is a fancy “the end”.

Episode 02: Torrent | Magnet

Notes on power names after the break.

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