Aikatsu! — 127

This isn't even her final form

This isn’t even her final form

New school year! This episode was extremely bonita. Also, staff shuffle. There’ll be some TL/edit flip-flopping at random from now on, and joletb has taken over for TS (in addition to encoding). He also styled the OP. Also, there may be a surprise coming soon. Don’t spoil it.

Episode 127: Torrent

(By the way, you really want to read the rest of this post. It even has our reason for being late)

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Aikatsu! – 126

Our passionate digging activities, Soilkatsu! is about to start!

Our passionate digging activities, Soilkatsu! is about to start!

I, too, enjoy lazing about in the warm spring sun (finally). And I’m also off. Talk about living the anime. And the numbering seems strange, but this is in fact the last episode of the second cour.

Episode 126: Torrent

Aikatsu! – 125

Our Dream means... our dream

Our Dream means… our dream

Did you know that “high blue” is another name for pure blue, which is the color when it’s not mixed with any others? I sure didn’t.

The first time I watched this episode I smiled. The second time I cried. Now I have achieved enlightenment.

Episode 125: Torrent

PS: We’re not doing PriPara, but I do love Falulu.

Aikatsu! – 124

Aurora Rising!

Aurora Rising!

Mr. Ducky’s name, if localized, would be Quacky-tan. “Cleansing” is ridding yourself of unneeded worldly possessions to purify your body and soul. Just pretend like I’m writing as much as usual here.

Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday, Ichigo!

Episode 124: Torrent

Aikatsu! – 121

How I missed you, original Yamato nadeshiko

How I missed you, original Yamato nadeshiko

Goodbye, Miyabi-chan. You were cool and cute. Also, I hope you’ll recognize this song when it plays, which is what I believe inspired me to start learning how to kfx in the first place. This episode was everything that Aikatsu should be, and next week looks even better.

Episode 121: Torrent