Aikatsu! – 158

Yeah, you bet that Okinawa is mabushii

Yeah, you bet that Okinawa is mabushii

Damn the Okinawan (Ryuukyuuan?) dialect. I’m just a loner from the northeast, how am I supposed to be able to make a billion different accents and ways to say the word “very”? At least they don’t all speak in full accents or the little girls wouldn’t be able to understand (just look at Pripara and their meta-jokes). Yeah, so “mensore” means “welcome”, and there are a couple other words too. Just look to the Ancient Hawaiians for the answers to all your doubts, and enjoy the episode.

Episode 158: Torrent | Magnet

PS: Where do Johnny and Orihime get all this time to fool around?

Aikatsu! – 157



Aikatsu, fuck yeah! No character left behind, ever. Also, a bit of expansion of what Dolly Devil is supposed to be like, so I hope you’ve brushed up on your gyaru fashion and definitions. Also, it’s incredible how much the staff love NonoRisa. You can really tell that they’re putting their hearts into everything that has them in it.

Episode 157: Torrent

Aikatsu! – 155

You, too, can be gorgeous if you wear jewelry

You, too, can be gorgeous if you wear jewelry

We weren’t convinced on what to put the audition name as, Heartthrob Karat or Tokimeki Karat. On the one hand, there’s an okay translation. On the other, it actually shows the name in romaji as Tokimekikarat. Just imagine the one you prefer. This episode also had the very first insert song and concert scene in all of Aikatsu that I can remember. It’s always just been one or the other whenever there’s a drama episode. Tell me if I’m wrong.

Episode 155: Torrent

Aikatsu! – 153

They're mightily winsome!

They’re mightily winsome!

Whooooa it’s time for the fourth year of Aikatsu!!! Hokkaidoooo! Potatoooo! Yahooooo!

Episode 153: Torrent

PS: I totally forgot to give credit to the alternate translation choice for なまら. Whenever we face a question like this about what important word choice to use the alternatives don’t usually get out, but this time I feel like giving credit where credit is due. I picked “mightily”, because I felt that the notion of Akari-tachi never having heard a word before was more important. Etoce wanted “full”, because an archaic meaning of that is really/very, and he thought they should be confused about the usage of the word. There’s no right answer, but now you know.

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